Services We Offer

Shamanic Session

Shamanic healing works in many ways for everything from questions answered, soul retrievals, rituals, removal of attachments, to personal healing and consultations. We work with power animals and spirit teachers.

A power animal is always retrieved as part of the session. The spirits will present the answer to questions, healing possibilities or actions. This usually involves a soul retrieval or a ritual to perform or other options depending on the request of the client.

In most cases the journey will be done by Dancing Bear (Dr. Beverly's Spirit name). In some cases, where the client is a long time meditator and able to communicate directly with the spirits, the shamanic journey will be initiated by a joint journey to the spirits and the client will then be given time with their spirits to retrieve their answers privately. Then Dancing Bear will bring the client back to ordinary reality to complete the consultation with Dr. Beverly.

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Energy Session

Dr. Beverly offers many different energy systems for spiritual advancement and physical/emotional/mental healing possibilities. The primary energy system she uses is Diamond Source Light Energy. Information about this system (also called Divine Source Light) on a web page she created to help people use the system on themselves. It is recommended that a person use the system twice a day to both heal and to stay healthy. To book an energy session click HERE!


Acupressure with Essential Oils

Acupuncture without the needles. We are only offering online virtual sessions using Zoom technology. That means no needles and no personal contact. We can work with you on various conditions including pain, emotional, and mental challenges typically treated with needles. We will show you the locations of the point(s) you will need to massage. You will also need the appropriate essential oil and a cotton ball. A drop of the oil is applied to the cotton then the point massaged. This needs to be done a couple of times a day until the issue is resolved.

We are also able to provide nutritional changes and lifestyle activities based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) suggestions for your condition.

In severe cases you may need to book an appointment with a local acupuncturist or other healthcare professional. Please book a free 15-minute consultation first to determine if this style of work is best for your condition.

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Holistic Spiritual Transformation Training

The Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy (DBEA) Holistic Spiritual Transformation (HST) is a series of programs that progress from basic spiritual skills to master healer & mystic leading to a certification as a transformational spiritual coach and healing master.


To learn more about the DBEA Holistic Spiritual Transformation Program in general, see the schedule, and to register, please visit our HST site: Dancing Bear Holistic Transformation HERE!

Smartphone APP Courses & Content

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